I made this artwork and visualizers for “Pastel Days”, our second full-length album with the band Paperdeer. The name of the album for me already predestined this pastel look that I went after with the visualizers, and I also wanted to express the meaning of the songs in a symbolic way with these basic shapes and animations. The guy on the cover image jumping into the canal of Copenhagen is one of Norbert's friends accidentally photographed by a pedestrian. We chose this image because it works with the concept of the album. ​​​​​​​
Listen the whole album with the visualiser on Youtube! 

A few words: 

With lots of effort and love, we handpicked 13 of the songs we created in the last 6 years. Because they are all meant to be together, we tailored them with interludes, and then recorded the whole album as one piece to create a mixtape-styled continuous listening experience. 

This release is a collaborated work of ours with many talented underground and independent artists and creators, such as singers, guitar artists, photographers, and last but not least the Hungarian poet Márton István Szabó who wrote the lyrics for all non-instrumental songs (except “Youth”, which was written by Jennifer McCarron aka Le Boum).

It is hard to express by words how happy we are with the final result after this intensive work in the last few years, and that we had the chance to work with so many creators from completely different fields of art too. We would like to say special thanks to Márton Kis for creating the music video for “Regularity” and the cover art for “Fortress” with maximal dedication, to Márton István Szabó for all the ambiguous, abstract and artistic lyrics, and the creative video for “Fortress”, to Gergely Szurgyi guitar artist for the agile string picks on “Regularity”, to Annamária Radnics and Saba Anwar for the exciting animation and graphics for “Gazsiafter” and the inspiration for our website’s theme, to Csaba Szőke for the studio work, and to everyone else who contributed to making this album happen as it is now. We hope you will love to listen to it in your car, on a morning run, on a rainy day, in a café, on a surf trip, or in the background while having a conversation with your friends.

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